Gloria Dvorak - Exclusive Buyer Agency for Albuquerque Real Estate

The Albuquerque Real Estate Market is heating up.

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With homes selling quickly we can help you to evaluate a property and know that it is priced right for todays quickly moving market.

Now more than ever you need an agent that works exclusively for the buyer. What makes an exclusive buyers agent different ? An Exclusive Buyers Agent does not take listings, Therefore we work exclusively with the buyer and we do not represent the seller. This means we help buyers view homes objectively since we do not have listings to push buyers toward.

If you are seeking a home in Albuquerque or the surrounding areas, you should consider Buyer Brokers of Albuquerque. Buyer Brokers of Albuquerque has been serving home buyer needs in this market since 1992. You owe it to yourself to explore the option of having a Client Relationship with your Realtor versus that of being a customer. When you choose a certified Buyer's Agent, you have taken the first step to a rewarding real estate transaction. Whether you are purchasing a builder home, a listed resale, or a For Sale By Owner, you and your family will be better served having the knowledge and support of Albuquerque's first Buyers Agent.

Homes for sale are frequently over-priced and it is the legal duty of the seller's agent to try to get the highest price possible for his client, the seller. Most real estate companies and even some Buyers Agent 's still put the seller's interests first. Gloria Dvorak will research the home and know what it is worth so you can make an educated offer. Research and a peronalized touch is what makes Gloria more than just a Buyer's Agent.